Latin American, Germanic American?

Latin American, Germanic American? There is, of course, such a label as Latin American. This applies mainly to Spanish speakers of the Americas, and is supposed to include Portuguese speakers (although Brazilians consider themselves Brazilians and South Americans, not necessarily Latin Americans or Latinos). The label can but does not usually include speakers of French, […]

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Cantonese in Trinidad and Tobago

Cantonese in Trinidad and Tobago by  Stefan Poon Ying Cantonese is a language that originated in the old city of Canton which is now modern day Guangzho. Guangzho is the largest city and the capital of the Guangdong province of China (formerly known as Kwangtung) in South East China.  Map showing the location of the […]

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Why Be Multilingual in the Caribbean

Why Be(come) Multilingual in the Caribbean? If asked how many languages are spoken/used in the Caribbean today, most people (and official bodies) would respond “four”, referring to 4 of the 6 official languages in the Caribbean, all European languages, namely, Dutch (in 5 territories), English (in 21 territories, including 2 officially bilingual territories), French (in 4 territories), and […]

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Portuguese in Trinidad

© Portuguese in Trinidad Is one or more of your family names Abreu, Affonso, d’Andrade, Cabral, Camacho, Carvalho, Coelho, Cunha, Farinha, Fernandes, de Freitas, Garanito, Gomes, Jardim, Lourenço, Luz, Mendes, Mendonça, Netto, Nunes, Pereira, Perneta, Pestana, Pinto, Quintal, Rezende, Rodrigues, Sabino, dos Santos, de Silva, de Souza, Teixeira, Vieira or Xavier, to name just some of the […]

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Trinidad’s Anglicisation Policy

Trinidad’s Anglicisation Policy or One Big Reason Why Trinidad is No Longer Multilingual Walking my dog in the Botanical Gardens in Port-of-Spain one day, I stopped at the little cemetery and noticed the tombstone above. I just had to take a photo of the grave of the once powerful Charles William Warner, Companion, Order of the […]

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Where Patois Words Come From

Where Patois Words Come From If Patois is another name for French-lexicon Creole, then French gave Patois all its vocabulary (lexicon), right? Well, let’s do some digging and find out. First, let’s look at French. French, a Romance or Italic language, has a vocabulary mostly derived from Latin (from 2 BC). French has also been […]

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IPA Alphabet – Soca Style

Learning Some IPA Vowel Symbols, Soca Style for Trinbagonian English Phonemes /i/ as in the <i> in Bunji (and Patrice and Swappi) /ɪ/ as in the <i> in Jigga (and Winchester) /e/ as in the <e> in Vigilante /ɛ/ as in the <e> in Destra (and Benjamin) /a/ as in the <a> in Blaxx (and Machel*, Shal, Batson, […]

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